Knuist & Perzik is an independent game studio from the Netherlands that likes to create imaginative worlds & provide happy memories.


Knuist & Perzik is a collaboration between Lars Korendijk & Thomas de Waard. Lars is an animator, self taught programmer and game designer. Thomas is a composer and sound designer. Lars & Thomas met during high school and have been creating games and animations together ever since.



Wuppo: Definitive Edition Gameplay Trailer YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Game'" BIG festival 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Narrative'" BIG festival 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Game Design'" Dutch Game Awards 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Grand Prix'" BIC fest 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Game Design'" BIC fest 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Art'" BIC fest 2017
  • "Wuppo - Finalist 'Best Audio'" BIC fest 2017
  • "Wuppo - Official Selection 'Respawn 2017'" Respawn 2017
  • "Wuppo - Official Selection 'Tokyo Game Show 2015'" Holland Pavilion
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Lars Korendijk
Co-Founder, Artist, Game Designer, Programmer - Knuist & Perzik
Thomas de Waard
Co-Founder, Composer, Sound Designer - Knuist & Perzik